Through meaningful and beautiful photography, PictureAid is creating a new arena for companies and individuals to decorate their naked walls, whilst allowing them to create a social improvement in the world
— The PictureAid Idea



PictureAid started out as an ambition, a dream and a burning idea; Can one man and his camera be able to make an actual change in developing countries and the societies he visits? Kristian Harby from the small and idylic town of Næroset in Norway was under the impression that he could. In 2010, at the age of 25, he quit his job and gave everything he had to give life to his dream. He named it PictureAid. His dream would soon develop into a concept that provides organizations, companies and individuals a choice in decorating their walls - a choice of photography art that is not only inspiring and beautiful to look at, but also makes an actual difference in the lives of those portrayed. "Capture the moment - give back and create a future". We started out working together with a local children`s orphanage in the slums of Kliptown - Johannesburg, then visited the beautiful highlands of North- Laos and in late 2012 we began a partnership with the Lesotho Red cross society.

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The PictureAid movement is growing, and in 2015 we gave over 50 children the support for their education through school fees, materials, uniforms and nutrition. This is now possible through our local partners like the Lesotho Red Cross society, and our fantastic base of clients and friends which have realized that their white walls are of much greater potential. To be able to have steady growth and slowly increase the number of children that receives their education through PictureAid - we are now focusing on creating long term leasing arrangements.

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In the near future; innovative companies and organizations from all over the world which brace themselves with the good values we seek have heard of the PictureAid movement. It will become a natural option for everyone that can see their walls as a way of communicating to their employees and customers, while at the same time creating a actual change and leaving a footprint in the world. PictureAid`s vision is that one day we can all contribute to the idea; "Capture the moment and give back". Everyone has a camera, and people are traveling more now than ever before. In time we hope that we can create an organization of photographers from all over the world. Amateurs and professionals alike - all working towards the same ambition of making an actual change in the lives of the people they meet when travelling this beautiful planet. The camera will be their most important tool, and PictureAid will be there to make it happen. 

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