A new year. A new language. A new site. The same mission

new year and new possibilities. I am writing in English, which symbolizes the start of what will become the standard on this new site from now on. This is basically because I think that most of our friends and customers understand this language, but not all of you understand Norwegian. Unfortunately, at this point I dont have the capacity to translate everything into two languages, but in time I hope that we can do this. The most important thing is that the PictureAid concept and its stories are available for everyone that is interested, and especially the people we meet and document around the world

Welcome! This is a brand new start for PictureAid. So many things has happend within the last year, that I felt a strong urge to develop the "look and feel" of PictureAid as well. I hope this new web site will be a symbol of how far we have come, and the long way travelled since we first started out in may 2010. I am forever grateful with so many friends and contributors that has helped us out during the last 2,5 years. Without you, PictureAid would never have been more than a crazy and passionate idea. Since this is the launch of our new web site, I would like to use the opportunity to especially thank the wonderful Silje Feiring which created the look of our first web site and the great people at Spire that programmed it. The second one was created with the help and energy from the fantastic people at HEI! and my good friend Jørund Eek. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

første side Silje.jpg


This new site will be all about the pictures and their stories. I hope to create a minimalistic site that does not distract your focus and the ability to read the pictures in a way that hopefully can make you feel like you were there in that setting. I have tried to explain the concept with as few words as possible so its easy to navigate around, and I will save all of my "smalltalk" to this blog section of the site. 

hope you will enjoy this new site. I hope you will keep following us in our mission to make photography world wide a source and a tool to create new futures through education. I pledge a promise that I will be a better "blogger", and be better at keeping you updated on what is happening in the PictureAid world. I will write more and less at the same time - more often, with less letters. So much has happend but the most exiting part is still ahead of us. Soon you will be able to read about both. I had a dream that I put into life almost three years ago. The idea has developed and matured into something which can actually be implemented and conducted, but the ambition and the passion are still the same as when I first started: Video uploaded June 4, 2010

With every picture sold - education is given back to a child in need. The idea has developed. But, it all started with the video above. Education is extremely important to children in developing countries. They are the ones needing it the most, and the ones that has the hardest time getting it. Not only are they often born into a future of total uncertainty, but if the live to grow up their options as an adult will only contain limitations. Why should a child be limited only by the demographic settings they are born in to? Imagine the potential if everyone in this world could free their true dreams and make them possible.. I say no more, only hoping to see the that day. 50 children are today attending school because so many people in addition to my self believed in this crazy idea. When we meet our budget in 2013, 160 children will receive support for their education in 2014. Hopefully people will continue believing. The PictureAid movement is just getting started and I am sincerely grateful to you for being a part of it. Stay in touch!  

- Kristian Harby

Through meaningful and beautiful photography, PictureAid is creating a new arena for companies and individuals to decorate their naked walls, whilst allowing them to create a social improvement in the world
— The PictureAid idea