Kathrine in Africa - Presentation and travelling


My name is Kathrine Western, and I have over the last few months become a part of the PictureAid family. I have studied journalism in Australia and Norway, and as a part time job, I feel lucky to call myself Head of big and small talk at PictureAid. I will help PictureAid in different forms of communication with friends, customers and everyone else that might be interested in reading what we are doing and trying to create at the super tiny PictureAid office at Hasleveien in Oslo.

During a period of time we will not be at the office in Oslo. Kristian has invited me to Africa. Africa! Huge! We are going to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho - pretty tiny, but as I have heard – pretty beautiful. Even though it is beautiful it`s a struggling country. HIV and AIDS have left this country without a parental generation, and left the children to manage on their own. In 2013, together with our fantastic partners, friends and customers, we support fifty orphans with their education. And now I am finally going to meet these amazing children. I can’t wait!

I am going to tell you, as a kind of ordinary but adventures girl from Norway, how my encounter with this country and these children really are. It`s my first time in Africa, in Lesotho and on a trip with PictureAid. I will try my very best to describe to you how this feels, and maybe bring some of the impressions all the way back to the other side of this planet. 

It will be me together with three boys on this trip. Kristian Harby - the founder of PictureAid, film photographer Kristoffer Kumar and Director/ researcher Sven Arild Storberget. Our final mission for this trip is to make a movie that will show you the full story of a PictureAid picture - from getting to know its origins. You will get to know the people and stories behind the pictures, and follow its journey until its hung on a office wall back home.

Looking forward to sharing this with you - hang tight and you will soon be updated!

- Kathrine Western. Maseru, capital of Lesotho, 1st of may 2013 ( just checked in)