Moments from the mountain kingdom

Two weeks ago, we set out on a journey. The four of us trying to visualize the story of a PictureAid picture through video. The finished product will hopefully show you the process of where a PictureAid picture is captured, and with the people behind. Where its hung and what the power of a single image is capable of doing and creating. A wonderful team consisting of Kristian Harby (founder of PictureAid), Kristoffer Kumar (film photographer) and Sven Arild Storberget (researcher and director). We spend some insanely hectic , yet beautiful days in Lesotho. Here’s a small taste of a few of the many amazing moments we had together, and what eventually will lay the grounds of a small documentary that we will bring to you as soon as possible. Enjoy! :)

-Kathrine (Journalist, and PictureAid part-time employee)


Finally we were on the road, and Kristian is stoked for driving his beloved land cruiser. Our journey could begin.


Already on our way from Johannesburg to Lesotho, Sven Arild and Kristoffer started filming during the beautiful sunset.


We met Mpho. A gorgeous girl you soon will get to know a lot better.


This is Mphos younger siblings, looking at Kristians photos. Lineo, with the best laugh I have ever heard, and Karabo. Her eyes are truly hypnotizing.


And these guys. Shorty and Sir Rocks A Lot. They light up the day. No doubt.


They suddenly became our photographers, or paparazzis even. Natural talent.


A few pit stops is much needed after hours on the road. Soccer it is.


We met the coolest hipster in town.


This is Malealea, a couple of hours outside Maseru. Where the atmosphere is unbelievable, and the electricity is non existing.


Everybody looks sharp in helmets. They should be worn at all times. Not only when horseback riding.


Kristoffer had never been on a horse before, which was significantly reflected in his facial expression. One of my most entertaining moments just observing him preparing to climb up. After we came back from the hike, we were told to write some words about our experience in this book. He wrote one word; “Epic”. I agree.


OK, now let me introduce you to The Man. Or Lithapelo as he’s called. (Obviously not the person on the picture above but hold on) After driving over 3000 kilometres, we found out the spare wheel on the roof of our Land Cruiser wasn’t attached to the car at all. We freaked out a little, but he took matters in his own hands. Drove to this hardware store, and when he came back, he did not only had the equipment he needed for the car…


…He also bought a sheep’s head. In the hardware store(!).  Apparently it was really good. I didn’t taste it.


Lets not forget his fascination of Vikings. The hours in the trunk of the car probably flew by, as he read about Roald Amundsen.


Then there’s Small who were patient enough to hang out with us every day. Look at his big smile. Contagious. A huge thanks to all your help during these days!

The Happy Campers. Kathrine, Kristian, Kristoffer and Sven.

The Happy Campers. Kathrine, Kristian, Kristoffer and Sven.

I would, first of all, just like to say thank you to Kristian for giving me the chance to be a part of this journey. This experience. Because it truly has been one. So many new memories have been created, and I will carry them with me forever.

Before this trip, I had never been to the continent of Africa. It was all so new to me, and to be honest, a bit frightening. Before I landed that is. From the minute all four of us got into the car, and headed to Lesotho, I embraced it all.

As to explaining our days, I guess there is no better way to show you than through pictures, as I have tried above. That’s the beauty of bringing the camera. I can share all of these captured moments. I hope you'll enjoy them.

Through several of my posts here on the blog, I have mentioned how wonderful the people is. I don’t think I can repeat myself to often. They are. As are the country itself. I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. I guess my expectations were high in beforehand, but after experiencing it, my impressions have blown out of proportions. Really.

Some of the moments that really stand out for me are when we got to meet the children at their schools. The kids I have seen so many times on the PictureAid pictures. I finally got to meet them, talk, and listen to them. Listen to their thoughts, dreams and goals, which was truly inspiring. The big smiles. The positivity. It’s so enjoyable, that these PictureAid pictures is able to give these children the opportunities they so clearly deserve. I can’t believe I get to be a part of this movement. One picture. That’s all it takes, to enhance a child’s future.

I should wrap this up by saying that I have truly fallen in love with the wonderful kingdom of Lesotho. It’s so beautiful. Every step forward in this country is a picture worthy.