Making Friends

Hola amigos!

Were back from yet another long day in Mafeteng. Not that I’m complaining. Far from it!

The guys spent most of the day filming, so what did I get to do? Play with the children. All day long. It was so much fun. We don’t speak the same language and they are not used to being around others than the neighbours. But with these children, that is the smallest problem. As I mentioned earlier, they are so welcoming, nice and playful. The energy these guys have is crazy, and it never ends.

Let me introduce you to some of my new friends. This is Shorty and Sir Rocks A Lot. Shorty is this amazing kid. Calm, yet all over the place. He’s gonna be a professional football player one day, I’m sure. And Sir Rocks A Lot. Well, the name says it all. This guy knows how to dance. He put on quite the show today. Here they are:

From the left: Shorty and Sir Rocks A Lot

From the left: Shorty and Sir Rocks A Lot

Now I’m late for dinner and some local wine with the boys. Really looking forward to it.

You’ll hear more from me in the morning!

Have a great one