Joy and happiness

After spending some days here, I always find my self comparing every little thing with Norway, and our everyday life. And the more I see, the more impressed I get.  Impressed with all the joy and happiness. 

The other day we went to a high school, and followed the kids to a football match when their day ended. And on our way to the football field, I suddenly I feel like I’m in a musical. One of the kids starts singing, another one joins him, and after a couple of seconds, there’s a big group of kids singing and dancing around. Regardless if you’re 7 or 17, boy or girl. If you’re having a good time, show it by song and dance. I just sit there and observe. The rhythm is indescribable.

fotball komp.jpg

Ps. just to make you guys a bit more jealous, as we speak, I’m laying outside by the pool writing. Some day at the office.