Join us for a car ride

Let me try to describe a day on the road for you. The roads have pretty high standard, but with some holes here and there. Big ones. Some of them can probably destroy the car, which obviously concerns Small (I will introduce you to him later). “Hey Kristian! There are a lot of holes in the tarmac, you know. So please don’t forget about the luggage in the trunk. Food, beverages, human being, camera equipment. A lot of expensive stuff back here”. Fair enough.

Then, while adding a few more miles on the odometer, there is so much to observe.

theorad komp.jpg

Our hotel is in the middle of Mareru, the capital. Its not that big, but the traffic can still get chaotic at times. But don’t worry, Kristain manages it just fine. Great driver.

Lesotho is a country with few cities, and a lot of farmland. We pass small villages at times, but mostly it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. But still, if we haven’t passed a house in miles, you still see people everywhere. Whether if its herds walking their cattle, or an old woman just sitting there. All you can see is fields and mountains, and they just sit there. I wish I had the patience to do that. It’s beautiful just to watch them.

After a while, with nothing but great fields, you enter a town. The main streets are mostly supermarkets, stands, fast food restaurants and a whole lot of people. There are people everywhere. Shopping, working, or just hanging out.

Lesotho has git a good atmosphere.

boder komp.jpg

And every once in a while, the guys have to go point the other direction.

pointing komp3.jpg