Through meaningful and beautiful photography, PictureAid is creating a new arena for companies and individuals to decorate their naked walls, whilst allowing them to create a social improvement in the world
— The PictureAid idea


There are several options for you if you are considering joining the PictureAid movement. Prices differ with the different sizes and wether you are considering leasing or buying one picture or more. It is extremely important for us to make sure that all children receiving support for their education one year, also are able to attend school the next year, and the year after that. In order to create this stability in the number of children we support, we are working towards solutions that include long- term leasing arrangements, especially with the bigger companies. 

Prices may differ from NOK 6 500 - 12 000 pr. picture depending on sizes, framing and leasing/ buying. All pictures includes framing/ printing on 2mm aluminium plates (all types of framing are available) , and a plaque with the unique story behind. A PictureAid plaque in aluminium also comes with, that describes the story of the concept for your visitors or employees.

With every picture sold or leased, a full year of educational support is given back to secure the future of a child in one of the local communities PictureAid is operating. This process in conducted and overlooked by our professional and local humanitarian partners, like the Lesotho Red Cross society. The support includes uniforms, school fees, materials and in many cases nutrition, everything that is needed to be able to attend school in a best possible way. In Red Cross societies all local communities have their own Red Cross volunteer that is in charge of the children which receive the support. Most of the children are orphans or living with their elderly grandparents, and are also in need of a system that can take care of them after school; for a simple talk as social support or to help them with their homework etc.

Please - contact us and we will sitt down with a nice cup of coffe and find the best possible way for you to be a part of the PictureAid movement and what it represents.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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