Capture the moment, give back and create a future
— PictureAid


PictureAid wants to prove that the power of the art; photography is so strong, that it does not only inspire and communicate, but also has the power to bring actual change into lives and create new futures in the places we visit. The white walls of the world are deeply underestimated canvases for values that can inspire employees, customers and visitors while at the same time create new futures on its way. The PictureAid movement today consist of individuals and companies, so far in Norway and Sweden, which has embraced the idea that their great values can also be linked in to what they choose to decorate their walls with. 

We are forever grateful to all of our friends and customers that have given us the trust to decorate their walls all the way from when PictureAid first got started to this point. Thank you for being a part of the family and what we are trying to create.


The family is growing, and we have now developed a very good relationship to a.o Grieg, Adecco, Stormberg, TvNorge, Itera, Visma and Würth.

Through our local partners like the Lesotho Red Cross society, and our fantastic base of customers and friends which have realized that their white walls are of much greater potential. To be able to have steady growth and slowly increase the number of children that receives their education through PictureAid - we are now focusing on creating long- term relationships with our clients.

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