PictureAid - the future

In the near future; innovative companies and organizations from all over the world which brace themselves with the good values we seek have heard of the PictureAid movement. It will become a natural option for everyone that can see their walls as a way of communicating to their employees and customers, while at the same time making a actual change and leaving a footprint in the world. PictureAid`s vision is that one day we can all contribute to the idea; "Capture the moment and give back". Everyone has a camera, and people are traveling more now than ever before. In time we hope that we can create an organization of photographers from all over the world. Amateurs and professionals alike - all working towards the same ambition of making an actual change in the lives of the people they meet when travelling this beautiful planet. The camera will be their most important tool, and PictureAid will be there to make it happen.